Why We Plant Trees

March 21, 2022 marks the tenth International Day of Forests. Created by the United Nations, the day celebrates and raises awareness of our world’s forests. This year’s theme is “sustainable production and consumption,” which is something that we’ve been passionate about since the seeds of Fern & Petal were sown.

When Fern & Petal was just an idea, we knew that we had both an opportunity and responsibility to make the world a better place. Tree planting felt like the natural choice, as we take from Mother Nature by harvesting the plants that create our products. With each tree we plant, we’re able to restore some of what we’ve taken and reduce our footprint on the earth.

Planting One Tree Makes a Difference

We all know that trees reduce carbon dioxide in the air and give us oxygen to breathe, but what else do they do for us? Well…

  • One big tree creates enough oxygen for up to four people each day.
  • It takes approximately 500 full-grown trees to absorb the CO2 produced by a typical car each year.
  • Tree roots help prevent soil erosion, and trees themselves reduce water runoff and potential flooding. Just 100 full-grown trees can intercept about 454,600 litres of water each year (100,000 gallons).
  • Planting trees helps to restore landscapes and habitats damaged by wildfires, floods, and deforestation.
  • Planting trees supports and enhances biodiversity and forest resilience.

It Starts with One Dollar

We give one dollar from each purchase toward planting trees in Canada; and while a dollar may not seem like much, with your help we’ve planted over 20,000 trees! 

The Impact

That means the CO2 from 400 cars can be absorbed each year, over 90 million litres of water can be intercepted, and we’ve planted the equivalent of about 400 acres of forest.

(A well-managed forest in North America has an average of 50 trees per acre.)

This achievement is proof that even a tiny, meaningful action has the power to create something incredible. Our goal is to keep building awareness to the benefits of natural products, while giving back to our community and planet.

Sustainability is essential for us, which is why our products contain only all-natural ingredients that won’t harm us or the beautiful world we live in. This means you won’t find dyes, fragrances, or synthetic preservatives contaminating our consumable products. By refusing to use these harmful substances, we aren’t supporting the companies that make them; and by choosing products like ours, you can do the same.

As Fern & Petal mindfully grows toward becoming carbon neutral, we’ll continue to focus on nature. Planting trees is the first step, and we’re continually looking at other ways we can heal the planet through our brand, products, and partners.

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