How we offer great value

If you've ever wondered how we can offer such incredible value; we've designed this simple chart below to explain how it's done.

Traditional retail sales include a large number of middlemen between the production and you, the customer. By keeping ourselves a small online business, we've been able to eliminate many of the middlemen and offer the highest quality products at an exceptional value.

What is Retail Price?

On some of our product pages, we include a 'Retail' price.

This price represents an estimated retail value of comparable items sold through different retailers.

These prices represent an average industry value across recognizable brands in the Canadian market. These prices are not an exact duplication of any 3rd party retailer and are meant to offer a rough calculation of savings. Prices may vary at any given time and we are unable to make any promises about the reliability or accuracy of such information.

For this reason, it is important for us to note that your actual savings may vary.

We regularly conduct research to ensure that we are closely representing comparable pricing but these prices may at any given time. If this is an important factor in your purchasing decision, we recommend doing your own research on comparable retail pricing.